Diabetes presents a significant health challenge in Africa, exacerbated by challenging socioeconomic conditions. Gestational diabetes is also emerging as a growing concern. Limited healthcare access and awareness create obstacles for early detection and effective management of the disease. Addressing these issues is paramount to alleviate the impact on maternal and fetal health.

In December 2022, the YORGHAS Foundation took a significant step towards combating diabetes in Cameroon. Over 4800 safety lancets and glucometers were generously donated to our local partner  the Global Diabetes Initiatives’ humanitarian and medical mission, specifically aimed at the less privileged population in Cameroon. These vital resources were successfully distributed in Bali Nyonga during sessions offering free awareness, education, and screening on diabetes. The initiative placed a special emphasis on preventing gestational diabetes.

In January 2023, we extended our support to the Catholic mission in Cameroon led by the Polish nuns, providing essential hospital equipment such as beds, cabinets, wheelchairs, and more. This equipment was urgently needed for the health center and hospital under construction in the impoverished district of Yaounde.

Our contribution to these crucial projects in Cameroon was made possible through the generosity of companies such as HTL-STREFA, We Care, Base Camp Pilsko, and numerous other compassionate Polish donors. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to improving healthcare access, raising awareness, and positively impacting the lives of vulnerable communities in Cameroon.

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