Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, faces significant food security challenges, especially due to climate change and lack of crop diversification among smallholder farmers.

Recognizing the importance of fruits as a source of essential vitamins and the environmental benefits of tree planting, we have launched the multi-year “Fruits for Africa” project in Malawi in partnership with TREEBUTE – a Polish environmental platform promoting global tree planting.

Since its inception in March 2023, our project has enabled communities and individual farmers in the districts of Dedza, Ntcheu, Zomba, Thyolo, and Balaka to plant 11,000 fruit trees, including banana, avocado, guava, papaya, peach, and orange. Additionally, we have provided water access to two plantations covered by the project, combating intense drought in Nsondole and Ntcheu.

The “Fruits for Africa” project not only mitigates climate change but also contributes to strengthening local communities, improving air, soil, and water quality, and enhancing health. This comprehensive, long-term project includes providing fruit tree seedlings, capacity building, marketing skills, value-added technologies, and assistance in the transportation of agricultural products. It aims to support persons with disabilities, women, girls, and youth, providing necessary assistance in planting, production, and future fruit product exports. The project has been granted honorary patronage by the Ministry of Agriculture of Malawi.

Join us – take care of CSR and your company’s image, donate a tree, support project activities – together, let’s impact people’s lives, protect the environment, support sustainable agriculture, and build a brighter future for Malawi.

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