Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa and the world. Despite the introduction of free primary education in 1994, 73% of children in rural areas still do not complete school due to poverty. School supplies, even the most modest, often exceed the financial means of parents. For single mothers, grandparents, or orphan caregivers, spending around 25 USD on a mandatory school uniform is a challenge beyond their capabilities, not to mention additional items such as shoes, backpacks, notebooks, and school supplies that are needed too…

Many children, especially in rural areas, carry notebooks and supplies in plastic bags or homemade bags from sugar or laundry powder sacks. Girls are particularly disadvantaged because, due to cultural reasons, especially in rural areas, boys’ education takes precedence, and large families cannot afford to send all their children to school.

Since the inception of the YORGHAS Foundation in Malawi, we have been supporting children’s education by distributing uniforms, backpacks, and supplies, as well as organizing sports events to promote education, peace, violence prevention, gender equality, and health. We conduct fundraisers, charity actions, collaborate with dozens of primary and secondary schools, volunteer circles, higher education institutions, and individual donors in Poland and abroad to support as many children in Malawi as possible.

As part of the third edition of our recurring “Pencils for Africa” campaign, we have already provided school uniforms and backpacks to hundreds of learners in primary schools in Lichenza and Senzani but the project is ongoing, and we strongly encourage you to support it.

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