Since its inception, YORGHAS Foundation has been actively involved in global education. We collaborate with numerous primary schools, volunteer circles, preschools, high schools, universities, and libraries across Poland.

We participate in meetings, deliver lectures, and conduct workshops; we engage in discussions about the challenges faced by Global South in the context of our work in Africa. We provide a broader perspective on thinking, breaking stereotypes and biases, and shaping attitudes of openness, solidarity, and responsibility for humanity and the planet.

Together, we organize charitable events, fundraisers, fairs, charity concerts, and online auctions. These initiatives have enabled us e.g. to purchase life jackets and rescue equipment for our “Boat of Life” on Lake Chilwa in Malawi, distribute school uniforms and hundreds of backpacks, and also support the fight against period poverty in rural schools in Malawi. Over the course of three annual editions of the “Pencils for Africa” campaign, more than 3 tons of chalkboards, furniture, and school supplies were collected and delivered to schools in Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Malawi, facilitating education for children in impoverished remote areas.

We invite you to join us in this collaborative effort!

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