In traditional Maasai communities, women rarely give birth in hospitals. Usually, childbirth takes place at home, in the presence of a traditional midwife and female relatives. Maasai midwives equipped with knowledge and experience passed down from generation to generation, know very well how to take care of a mother and a newborn baby.

What they lack are medical tools that would ensure better hygiene and avoid infection. That is why we visited Lesoit village, where women gladly accepted our birthing kits.

These beautiful women in the photos below sewed reusable sanitary pads for our teenage beneficiaries in Moshi, reducing the problem of menstrual poverty in the region. Maasai women do not have much opportunity to earn their own money and are often completely financially dependent on men. We are glad that we were able to support women’s economic independence.

Here, you can watch our video from the Lesoit village.

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