In some remote areas of Tanzania, children are being born in conditions that are hard to imagine in the age of modern medicine. Thanks to our donors, we could at least partially change this dramatic situation. Together with our local partner Buhemba Village of Comfort Foundation we met the staff and patients of the hospital in Arusha, Tanzania, supplying them with MAMA KITs that protect against infections during childbirth. We have also arranged basic medical examinations.

The Tanzanian health care system is divided into the public and private sectors, but regardless of the facility in which a woman decides to give birth, she always bears the costs of the used disposable items. Many women just can’t afford it. Left without a choice, they are forced to give birth at home, without the care of a qualified midwife, which is very risky and dangerous both for a mother and a newborn.

Distribution of MAMA KITs and additional equipment to the hospital increase their chances of safe delivery.

Here, you can watch our video from the hospital in Arusha.

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